This ridiculous 1200W power supply comes with its own display

There aren’t many components as boring as your PC’s power supply, but the new Aorus P1200W 80+ Platinum Modular Power Supply seeks to change that. The unit includes an LCD screen on the side that lets you quickly monitor system information or just add a little more bling to your build.

The main purpose of the screen is to display system information such as your total power consumption, fan speed, and PSU temperature. However, you can customize it with just about anything. The screen supports custom text, image files, GIFs, and even MP4s, so you can loop your favorite clip or maybe even play a full movie.

Gigabyte hasn’t listed any screen information, so resolution and refresh rate could kill the experience. Beneath the screen is a thin RGB strip with Aorus branding, which you can customize and sync via Gigabyte’s RGB Fusion 2.0 software.

Glitz isn’t all that sets the P1200W apart. As a high-end unit capable of supporting the best power supplies, it comes with 80+ Platinum certification, flat modular cables, Japanese capacitors, and a host of temperature, current, and voltage protections.

There is no shortage of connections either. It comes with a 24-pin motherboard power supply, two 8-pin CPU connectors, six 8-pin PCIe cables, 16 SATA connections via four cables, and two Molex connectors. All cables are also fully modular, so you only need to plug in the ones you will use.

Connections on Aorus P1200W power supply.

A single 140mm fan keeps everything cool, which sits idle if the load is below 20%. The fan also has a unique feature that allows you to reverse its direction to blow away dust that has accumulated inside the PSU. You can set the fan to do this every time you turn on your computer, or you can do it manually.

Unlike many high-powered power supplies, the Aorus P1200W is no bigger than a standard ATX unit. It’s only 160mm long compared to the 200mm seen on most other 1200W PSUs.

Gigabyte hasn’t released any information on pricing or where you can find the P1200W. As of press time, it’s not available through Gigabyte’s online store, and the only retailer in the “Where to Buy” section hasn’t listed it. Once it starts making the rounds, however, it’ll likely be on the premium side.

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