The RIDEN RD6012P USB and WiFi DC power supply connects to your PC or smartphone

Bench DC power supplies are usually adjusted with knobs and rotary encoders, but the RIDEN RD6012P DC power supply can be controlled from your PC via USB, and there is a RD6012P-W model that adds a WiFi module to adjust the settings from a smartphone running Android or iOS. .

Besides the “smart” functions, the bench power supply supports a voltage range of 0V to 60V and up to 12A of current for a maximum output power of 720W and comes with a 5-digit HD color display for each voltage, current and power measurement, and a configuration menu.

RIDEN RD6012P(-W) Power Supply Specifications:

  • Display – 2.4 inch color HD display with adjustable brightness
  • Host Interface – Micro USB port and optional WiFi module (fitted with RD6012P-W)
  • Input voltage – 7 – 70.00 V with 0.01 V resolution, accuracy ± (1% + 5 digits)
  • Output voltage – 0 – 60,000V with 0.001V resolution, accuracy ±(0.5‰ + 4 digits)
  • Output current – 0 – 12.000A with resolution of 0.0001A (6A range) or 0.001A (12A range), accuracy ±(1‰ + 6 digits)
  • Output power range 0-720.00W
  • Battery voltage measurement – 0.01V resolution, accuracy (±0.5% + 3 digits); Note: Green terminal on the device.
  • Selectable automatic cut-off current value when charging
  • External Temperature Sensor – Range: -10°C to 100°C with ±3°C accuracy
  • Output ripple voltage – 20mV VPP
  • Constant voltage mode – response time: 2ms with 0.1A to 5A load; load regulation: ±(0.1% + 2 digits)
  • Constant current mode – load regulation: ±(0.1% + 3 digits)
  • Capacity measurement range – 0 to 9999.99 Ah
  • Energy measurement range – 0 to 9999.99 Wh
  • Max output voltage – (input voltage÷1,1) – 2
  • Cooling fan start condition – Output current > 4A or system temperature > 50°C
  • Overheat protection – System temperature > 80°C
  • Dimensions – 167 x 81 x 65mm
  • Weight – approximately 660 grams
  • Operating temperature range – -10°C to 40°C

Power Windows USB Wi-Fi

The PC software seems to only be available for Windows and you can find the download link and instructions on Google Drive. The company (or Banggood) advises people to test the power supply the first time in case of damage during transport:

When you get the power supply, please use a multimeter to check whether the actual output voltage is stable and matches the rated voltage, to see if it is damaged in the process, if the output is abnormal, please contact us , do not connect it to RD power supply to avoid more loss

Android and iOS Power App RIDEN RD6012P-W

They are also brutally honest about the WiFi feature:

WiFi connection is a test function, due to the poor compatibility of some computers, if you can’t connect the PC software via WiFi, please ignore this function. For this function, we do not provide any warranty or technical support, and we will decide to keep this function based on customer feedback.

It doesn’t inspire trust, but I appreciate honesty. There’s good reason for the warning, as reviews of the RdPower mobile app are pretty mixed for both Android and iOS versions, although people seem to be happy with the DC power supply itself. Here is an example of a review:

I love the product but the application is rubbish. I wish I hadn’t paid the extra money for the wifi module right now, it’s so bad to use the app, very bad connection even though the wifi right next to the rdpower stays disconnected and won’t connect not until i turn off the rd or put the wifi settings back in the rdpower, please fix it, please i like rd products, i give it 5 stars when this app works perfect.

There must be interference with the ESP-12S (ESP8266) WiFi module inside the power supply. The user manual also shows an RS485 module, but the company says it’s not for sale at the moment and you should contact them if you’re interested.

The RIDEN RD6012P and RD6012P-W power supplies are available now for $95.99 shipping on Banggood, and the price is sort of the same with or without WiFi. [Update: As noted in the comments, the device doesn’t contain a case, a power source, and cables, so those would have to be purchased separately].

Alan A. Seibert