The best power supplies for 2022

Buyer’s guide to choosing the best power supply

Choosing a diet can seem like a daunting task. There are a few factors you need to consider before buying a power supply, such as size, power, and efficiency.

Things to consider

The efficiency of a power supply

All power supplies these days come with an 80 plus label. The 80 plus label means at least 80% efficiency. These days, 80% efficiency is nowhere near enough to keep up with all the improved technology and hardware components we have. As a result, we now have over 80 power supplies in different colors or grades, such as titanium which offers up to 94% efficiency.


The wattage of your power supply may vary. It can offer you 350 watts with all the different grades available up to over 1000 watts. It all depends on the power required by your system.

Fan noise

Power supplies generate a lot of heat due to the constant exchange of voltage. For this reason, they need efficient fans to help them stay cool, especially under heavy loads. Although your PSU can be cooled with large fans, they tend to be quite noisy.

This is why you should consider buying a PSU that has large fans but spins at a much slower rate.

Types of power supply units


A hardwired power supply unit is the type that has a fixed number of wires attached to its box. You cannot remove or add any other wires to the power supply. Such a PSU is inadequate for proper cable management because all the extra cables that are not being used just float around inside your system.


A semi-modular power supply unit is the type of power supply unit that usually has a fixed wire attached to its box. Since the rest of the cables can be connected separately, its design eliminates unwanted wires, creating a more open space and allowing for a better cable management experience within your system.

Fully modular

A fully modular power supply unit is the type that has no fixed wires or wires attached to its box. All necessary cables can be separately connected to the PSU, creating the most visible cable management opportunity.

Alan A. Seibert