Rakwireless Introduces WisBlock Modular Power Supply, IP65 Enclosures and Other Sensor Modules

The Rakwireless Wisblock IoT Modular Prototyping System will receive new modules approximately once every quarter and the latest Wisblock Summer 2022 event brings RAK190xx baseboards and power modules to support various power sources from solar panels to PoE, two IP65-rated “Unify” boxes, as well as four new Wisblock sensor modules.

Wisblock RAK190XX base boards and power modules

Wisblock base boards with power slot

The company released three base boards designed to take one of five Wisblock power modules:

  • RAK19009 – A small baseboard (47×30mm) with only 2 sensor slots.
  • RAK19010 – The “standard” base board with 4 sensor slots and 1 I/O slot
  • RAK19011 – Dual IO base board version with one power supply slot
  • RAK19012 – WisBlock power module with USB power supply, battery and solar panel
  • RAK19013 – WisBlock power module for rechargeable batteries and solar panel power without USB, for applications where you don’t want to give users access to device firmware.
  • RAK19015 – WisBlock power module optimized for non-rechargeable batteries without USB connector, for applications that want to use a non-rechargeable battery.
  • RAK19016 – WisBlock power supply module with wide 5-24VDC input voltage, best suited for industrial and agricultural applications
  • RAK19018 – WisBlock PoE module for RAK13800 WisBlock Ethernet card. It is based on the Silvertel Ag9905MT converter board and compatible with the 802.3af PoE standard.
Wisblock power modules
Wisblock power modules

This will enable the rapid design of IoT prototypes using Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN, etc. with a range of power options. Prices range from $5 for the battery power module to $18.90 for the PoE module.

WisBlock Unify enclosures

Many IoT projects are placed outdoors or in harsh industrial environments and therefore require protection against rain, dust or fire, for example. That’s why Rakwireless has also launched two IP65 dustproof and waterproof enclosures which they call “Unify Enclosures”, which are compatible with Wisblock prototypes.

Wisblock Unify Small Case
The small Unify case measures 100x75x38mm

The RAKBox-UO100x75x38 “Unify” enclosure is a small flame retardant IP65 waterproof plastic outdoor enclosure specially suited for the RAK5005-O and RAK19003 base boards with matching mounting plates for both, plus accessories for wall and pole mounting .

Medium Wisblock Unify case
The small Unify case measures 150x100x45mm

The RAKBox-UO150x100x45 is quite similar but mid-sized with plenty of room for a larger base board such as RAK19001 and up. Both models are available in white or gray and offered with optional wall or pole mounting kits. The small case is sold for $29 and the medium for $39.

Four new Wisblock sensor modules

The Wisblock Q3 2022 announcement also includes four new sensor modules:

  • RAK12033 – 6-axis accelerometer module based on TDK InvenSense IIM-42652
  • RAK12034 – 9-axis accelerometer module based on Bosch BMX160
  • RAK12047 – Indoor air quality sensor based on the Sensirion SGP40 sensor we previously found in the Exo Sense RP Raspberry Pi RP2040 based multi-sensor module
  • RAK16002 – Coulomb sensor based on Analog Devices’ LTC2941 and designed to measure battery state of charge in battery-powered portable computers and wearable product applications. It is particularly well suited for single cell Li-Ion batteries.

You can find more details in the purchase links on the Rakwireless store.

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