PULS Power launches DIN rail power supply for marine applications

PULS Power, the specialist manufacturer of high reliability DIN rail power supplies, announces the availability of its new CP20.245-R2 24V, 20A DIN rail power supply, developed for on- and offshore use in marine process industries and offshore. The marine-grade power supply meets the high requirements of EMC Class B without additional external filters and can be used directly in deck and deck applications.

The CP20.245-R2 has an optimal electronic and mechanical design for the harsh environmental conditions encountered at sea and on land. The power supply is characterized by its high immunity to transients and voltage spikes as well as its robust aluminum housing. The device provides a total output power of 480W even with fluctuating ambient temperatures between -40°C and +60°C. The extensive set of approvals includes, among others, Marine DNV, Marine ABS and ATEX.

The high reliability of the system is ensured by an integrated decoupling function, which makes the CP20.245-R2 unique. An integrated decoupling MOSFET allows safe 1+1 and n+1 redundancy between multiple power supplies. This guarantees the availability of all process and safety systems in the event of a failure. The innovative design eliminates the need for an additional external redundancy module, reducing costs and saving space. Special pluggable connectors allow hot swapping of devices during operation, using the sequence described in the datasheet.

The CP20.245-R2 is based on the proven industrial version of the CP20, which is used in thousands of applications worldwide. The high efficiency of 95.2% guarantees low power losses and little waste heat. In addition, the 20% power reserve of the basic version is maintained. The compact product with a width of only 48 mm has been retained despite the additional application-specific features.

For remote condition monitoring, two relay contacts for DC-OK and alarm signals are provided. Two additional inputs allow the power supply to be put into energy-efficient standby mode using the remote on/off function and to achieve automatic load sharing in parallel operation for greater power output. Parallel operation ensures an optimized temperature balance between connected power supplies, extending device life.

All CP20 versions share the same compact housing with dimensions of 48 x 124 x 127 mm (WxHxD). This is made possible by a very high efficiency of 95.2%. Due to the low power losses, less heat is generated in the housing and the clearance and creepage distances can be reduced.

Marco van der Linden, UK Country Manager for PULS Power, said: “The market for SMART instrumentation, control and systems in marine and offshore applications is growing. Our latest version of the proven CP20 DIN rail power supplies not only meets all applicable standards, but offers a compact, reliable and easy to install solution. The ability to be connected for parallel redundancy without additional components increases system reliability while saving space and cost.

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Alan A. Seibert