Lisburn and Castlereagh Council power supply plug to be removed

Officials also say they are struggling to find an “energy manager” to help them identify and implement energy-saving and energy-efficiency measures across the country. local authority.

A report seen at the council’s development committee said the local authority was unable at the time to register if it had set energy spending targets for the first quarter of the year .

Councilor Uel Mackin

Downshire East representative Councilor Uel Mackin (DUP) said: ‘I’m afraid council can’t just check what the costs are. There are no meters or so?

“If it was done now, it could save us all from having a shock next April when the bill comes.”

In response, the chamber was told that the council’s expenditure on heating and air conditioning was weather dependent and could fluctuate throughout the year.

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Director of Service Transformation Donal Rogan said: “The council is actively trying to ensure that one of its multiple occupied offices and buildings has ambient conditions.

“We are identifying all unoccupied buildings and council owned properties to now ensure that heating, lights and energy appliances are all switched off.

“Additionally, we have been trying for 14 months or more to fill the position of Energy Officer and this has been advertised (advertised) three times. Staffing issues are a phenomenon that occurs at all levels of the board and which are under intense pay scrutiny.We recognize that energy is a particularly sensitive topic at the moment with rising costs.

Alan A. Seibert