Intel pushes for ATX12VO standard: new 10-pin power connector + PSUs

We might not see that happen right away, but we’re going to move away from that pesky 24-pin power connector going into motherboards and into something much smaller, better, and more power efficient.


Intel seems to be the one pushing for the new low-power ATX12VO power supply standard, with the launch of its upcoming 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake-S” platform. But the thing is, motherboard makers and power supply makers aren’t happy with the news.

That would mean a new 10-pin power connector on your motherboard – so, a new motherboard. This would also mean a new 10 pin power connector ready on your new PSU, as the power supply cannot have any other power rails other than 12V. If the voltage is lower or higher than 12V, it means that the motherboard will convert this power, not the PSU as usual.

Motherboards will be much more complex…they will cost more…so they are not happy with the move yet.

Intel Pushes for ATX12VO Standard: New 10-Pin Power Connector + 07 Power Supplies |

VideoCardz said they spoke with their sources at motherboard manufacturers, who confirmed that “Intel is indeed interested in ATX12VO becoming a more popular standard, but right now there is strong opposition from from motherboard manufacturers as well as power supply manufacturers Most high-end gaming motherboards for Alder Lake are unlikely to feature ATX12VO standards, however we could see many more entry motherboards range for system integrators and pre-built system providers who want to offer the best energy efficiency to meet stringent government power regulations.”

Alan A. Seibert