Google taps Engie for 24/7 power supply backed by renewables and energy storage

Google uses renewable energy and energy storage solutions to power its data centers around the world, including this facility in Belgium. Picture: Google.

French utility giant Engie has signed a 24/7 electricity supply deal with Google for 140MW of carbon-free power for its operations in Germany under a deal the companies called it “the first of its kind”.

Under the three-year deal, Engie will build a renewable energy portfolio of solar and wind power to supply Google with enough power around the clock to ensure that 80% of its German operations are carbon-free d by 2022. Google has set targets of all of its campuses and data centers worldwide to be carbon-free by 2030.

Through Engie, Google will buy electricity from 23 renewable energy projects in five German states. The projects will be either new plants or existing assets that will have their lifespan extended. Google said it would invest 1 billion euros ($1.18 billion) in digital infrastructure and clean energy in Germany by 2030.

“This is a first in Europe where a company guarantees carbon-free power supply 24/7 on an annual basis from solar and wind generation,” Engie said in a press release. the company.

In addition to asset assembly, the utility will also provide energy management services, including residual supply provisioning, balancing pool management, and grid management.

“We selected ENGIE because of its expertise in decarbonization and its ability to transform the way clean energy is delivered,” said Marc Oman, senior energy and infrastructure manager for data centers at Google.

“The Group can ensure a 24/7 renewable energy supply, either by building assets or by sourcing electricity from various existing plants through its global energy management activities said Paulo Almirante, Senior Executive Vice President for Renewable and Global Energy Management Business at ENGIE. .

Alan A. Seibert