Google launches Nest Power Connector for thermostats

While there is no hardware presence at I / O 2021, Made by Google today released the Nest Power Connector as a “simple and affordable alternative to a C-wire” for home configurations. thermostat requiring constant power.

If your thermostat is having power issues, like the battery draining too quickly or the Wi-Fi constantly disconnecting, you can usually fix them by connecting a common wire (wire C) or installing the Nest power connector. .

This $ 24.99 accessory is an alternative to “hiring an electrician to install a new C wire through your walls.” Google is also touting it as better than third-party Wire-C adapters which can “cause problems or damage your Nest thermostat, even if they claim to be compatible with Nest.”

The Nest Power Connector does not require any new wiring or drilling. It attaches to your furnace, air handling unit or zone controller and comes with simple instructions for easy installation.

Along with the Nest Power Connector, this kit includes wire connectors and labels, an adhesive pad, and a detailed setup guide with diagrams for various arrangements. The unit is “Snow” colored and IP51 certified for dust and water resistance when installed inside your HVAC.

A 24 VAC system is required, while millivolt and high voltage systems are not compatible. It works with the 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E, and the new $ 129 Nest Thermostat, although this unit requires a software update to version 1.1 first.

The Nest Power Connector is currently available in the US for pre-order.

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Alan A. Seibert