Get your free Google Nest power connector to power your thermostat

Having trouble keeping your Nest thermostat on? Well, according to 9to5Google, a Google Nest power connector is offered by Google to help you out. This is good news for anyone who is struggling to supply enough energy to their Nest thermostats.

Last month, Google started selling a $ 25 accessory to fix this problem. Now, however, the search giant is providing users with a free Nest Power Connector. If you’re not sure if your thermostat is having issues, Google will alert you.

On your device, you’ll receive a notification that something is wrong with your Nest Thermostat. Google will also alert you via the mobile app and email. The company makes sure you know you are having a problem.

For the email, look for a subject line that starts with “Your Nest Thermostat needs more power.” If you see an email with this, you should check it ASAP. In the email, it’ll tell you to “properly power your thermostat with a C wire or Google Nest power connector.”

The free Google Nest Power Connector will help you power your Nest Thermostat properly

Now in that email is a link that will direct users to the Google Store. There will be a promo code that users can enter to get their free Google Nest Power Connector. Make sure you act quickly though. The free offer is only available while stocks last or until July 7, 2021.

Here’s what the email says:

To properly power your thermostat, you can run a C-cable or get a Google Nest Power Connector, which is available for free until July 7, 2021 or while supplies last. This offer is not transferable and we may verify your account or thermostat details to process the request. “

One thing to note is that this offer is only available to US and Canadian users. So for users elsewhere, you will have to pay for your power connector.

However, Google points out that this is a more affordable alternative to “hiring an electrician to install a new C wire through the walls.” Fortunately, everything you need to set up your power connector is in the kit.

This includes an instruction booklet with diagrams for various cooling and heating configurations. It is good that Google is offering users a free alternative to hiring an electrician. Unfortunately, users outside of the United States or Canada will need to purchase the power connector. But, as mentioned, it will still be cheaper than hiring an electrician.

The Nest Power Connector works with all 3e-Gen Nest Learning Thermostat, Thermostat E and the new Nest Thermostat which costs $ 129.

Alan A. Seibert