GeForce RTX 3090 Ti achieves over 450W TDP and new power connector

Yeah, you read that right, Ti, and not SUPER. According to information on the Internet, sources have obtained a copy of the specifications. More cores are available, as well as a faster memory structure. The architecture of the power supply has also been revised to improve efficiency.

As previously reported, the Total Power Rating (tdp) has been increased from 100 watts to 450 watts compared to the RTX 3090. Another difference is that the Ampere GPUs would use a new power connector, which would not be the Molex MicroFit 12. pins. connector introduced with Ampere Founders editions. In the documentation, mention is made of a 16-pin MicroFit connector, which would be suitable for products using PCI Express gen 5. Video memory would be made up of 2 GB modules that could transfer data at a rate of 21 gigabits. per second, resulting in a theoretical maximum bandwidth of over 1TB / s. With a 384-bit memory bus, that’s still about 24 gigabytes of gddr6x memory. The GPU is a GA102 with 10,752 Cuda cores spread over 84 streaming multiprocessors, which is fully enabled. The printed circuit board would have to be changed, most likely to accommodate the changed memory arrangement and to cope with the high total dynamic power.

It is believed that the card, along with the RTX 2060 12GB and 16GB 3070 Ti, will be unveiled in January. The latter card will also use 2GB VRAM chips, but will not include a redesigned card design like the first. According to VideoCardz, no Super version is currently in progress.

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Alan A. Seibert