[FIX] Xbox One power not turning on

[FIX] Xbox One power not turning on

Let’s say your Xbox One shows no signs of life. Additionally, the power supply LED is flashing amber. This means that you have a hardware problem because the Xbox One power does not turn on.

The original Xbox One console, as well as the power supply, are from third-party manufacturers. Microsoft no longer manufactures these items. Thus, you can no longer rely on warranty support.

Unfortunately, the amber light on the power supply means the console is in “sleep”. It can’t receive enough power, so it can’t light up. Fixing the problem ranges from a soft reset to changing the faulty part.

Xbox One power supply not spinning

There are a few common causes for the problem:

  • The power supply is faulty. Damage often comes from power surges, power outages, or physical damage. If you have pets and your pets bite the cable, it’s also a safe way to say goodbye to the power surge.
  • The console does not have adequate ventilation, or it is overheating. This would be the cause if the Xbox One turns on but then turns itself off. Similarly, you could see an orange light on the power supply.
  • The power supply has a random bug or it is not properly connected. This is a less serious problem, so it is easier to solve.
  • The console is not receiving enough power. Various issues can cause this problem. For example, a lack of proper voltage on the power supply, random bugs, or overheating.

Whatever the case, remember that you can always buy a new power supply for the Xbox One. Many official and third-party alternatives will not harm your console. On the contrary, they will work immediately.

How To Fix Xbox One Power Won’t Turn On?

Surge refers to the power supply. It has a cable that plugs into a power outlet on one end. On the other end there is a cable that goes to the back of the Xbox console.

When working properly, the light stays stable white or green. The temperature is warm, but not too hot, and the Xbox runs smoothly.

Its job is to convert the current from the outlet into a voltage that the Xbox can use. In addition, it protects the console from power surges and power drops.

You will notice that the brick does not work when the the light flashes orange. It’s common on first-gen Xbox One consoles, so patches are also common.

Anyway, let’s review the troubleshooting until we find the solution that works for you.

Reset PSU

The first solution to fix your Xbox One power supply is to reset the brick. It works for Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

  1. Turn off your Xbox console by pressing and holding its power button until it turns off.
  2. Disconnect all its cables.
  3. Unplug the power bridge from the outlet.
  4. Wait 10 seconds to a minute. It resets the power supply. If the power supply feels hot on your hand, leave it alone for about 25 minutes. Then try moving your console to a colder location, somewhere cool above a cold surface (like wood or stone) and near ventilation (like windows or an A/C) .
  5. Press and hold the power button on the console while it has no power to drain remaining power.
  6. Plug the cable back into the outlet and the power supply. Do not plug it into the console yet.
  7. Check the LED indicator on the power supply. It can be on, off or flashing.

Press the Xbox button on the console to power up the device. If it turns on without a problem, you are safe to use it. If the light is not on or flashing, continue with troubleshooting.3

If the LED is on, continue with:

  1. Reconnect the cables to the Xbox One.
  2. Check the power LED indicator again. It should be on and white.
  3. If the light is correct, press and hold Xbox button on the console to turn it on. xbox power button

Try another outlet

Maybe the outlet you are using is not supplying enough power to the Xbox. This can happen if too many cables are connected to the same location.

Let’s try connecting the power to another outlet. You can also try connecting another device to the same outlet and test it.

Buy a voltage adapter

Another common problem is that the console is not getting the voltage it needs. This happens in various countries outside the United States because the voltage is not the same.

If so, you can get a voltage adapter. The Xbox One works with 110V and 220V. In particular, some Asian countries, such as India, deliver more voltage, around 230V. If so, you will need to purchase an adapter that “reduces” the power supply.

Here are some examples :

Prevent your console from overheating

The Xbox One can overheat when it is not sufficiently ventilated. It also overheats when the vents are full of dust.

When this happens, the power supply heats up and shuts down.

So it would help if you change the position of your Xbox. Here are some general tips:

  • Disconnect all cables from the console before changing positions. Also disconnect the power supply from the mains.
  • Allow the console to cool for a few hours.
  • Place the console in an open space, on cold surfaces such as wood, stone or marble.
  • Leave enough space between the back of the console and the walls. Also, do not place the console in closed spaces, such as a cabinet.
  • Move the console closer to your windows or air conditioning systems.
  • Dust the side and rear vents with a brush and a microfiber cloth.
  • Buy a fan if your room is too hot.

You would realize that the Xbox heats up if it feels hot to the touch. Likewise, games tend to crash or the screen freezes with blank colors.

Xbox One Soft Reset

Another option is to soft reset the console with a combination of buttons. It allows the device to erase random bugs that may prevent it from working properly.

Here’s the trick:

  1. Make sure there are no discs inside the Xbox One
  2. Press and hold the Associate, eject and feed buttons simultaneously. Xbox One digital editions do not have an eject button, so you must press the Power and pairing button simultaneously, the more Xbox button on the controller.hold power and eject sync buttons
  3. Hold all three buttons for 10 seconds until the power button flashes.
  4. Then the button flashes; release the eject button (or the Xbox button on the controller). Next, hold down Pair and Power for 15 seconds.

Next, see if the power supply LED is still amber or if the problem is now resolved.

Buy another power supply

We ran out of options, unfortunately. The power supply is probably no longer working due to physical damage, electrical damage, or the passage of time.

Your only option is to replace it, but you can’t do that through Microsoft’s warranty. That’s why we first mentioned that these items are from third-party manufacturers.

So here are some alternatives you can buy:

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