FG is working on reforms to ensure a stable power supply – NBET

Ewelukwa made this known during a capacity building workshop for members of the Power Correspondents Association of Nigeria (PCAN) and civil society organizations in Lagos.

The workshop, themed “Strengthening knowledge and bridging the skills gap in power sector reporting,” points to a worrying mismatch that the government wants to close.

He said the critical reforms the government has undertaken are designed to maintain the financial condition of the market, ensure the technical capacity to bridge the supply gap to meet the country’s demand.

According to him, the federal government has started the implementation of the transmission expansion plan which works in sync with the government/Siemens Presidential Power Initiative – with phase one – (7,000 mw), phase two – (11 000 mw) and phase three (25,000 mw) supply.

Ewelukwa said that “this government is keen to implement these reforms. To be honest with you, we spend sleepless nights to achieve this.

He said the government plans to continue expanding generation, transmission and distribution capacity to meet the country’s demand.

According to him, distribution companies are also improving their performance and facilities to ensure better power supply.

Explaining the function of NBET in the electricity-based transition market, he said the design is to bridge the electricity market temporarily.

He said NBET has a long-term role in driving competition in the market by ensuring it transitions from a government-centric market to a private sector-led electricity market.

“We look forward to when we will actually begin the innovation process of delivering the power purchase agreements we have signed to distribution concessionaires and eligible customers, as appropriate,” he said. declared.

Alan A. Seibert