Extron offers AV power management with a new control system

The new Extron EXP PDU4H IPL Control System Power Expansion Interface is designed to provide centralized power management for small to medium sized AV systems. It can remotely control individual AC outputs and provides aggregate current sensing. The IPL EXP PDU4H is Ethernet compatible and has four AC outputs, four manual control ports and a relay for additional system support. It is designed to be used with an IPCP Pro xi series control processor for secure and encrypted power control of connected devices. It can also operate independently using a secure Extron API, allowing seamless integration for specialized applications.

“We are excited to bring this next-generation power controller to our customers,” said Casey Hall, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Extron. “There’s so much advanced technology packed into this compact enclosure that we’re confident it will be the ideal power management interface within your professional AV system.”

The IPL EXP PDU4H is housed in a compact 1U half-rack enclosure that offers a wide variety of mounting options. The IEC-Edison Cable Kit is a new optional accessory kit that includes four one-foot IEC male to Edison female adapters for easy power extension interface installation.

Alan A. Seibert