Calibrate and configure your power management IC with NVM IP

Power management integrated circuits (PMICs) are the first to turn on and the last to turn off in a system. They perform the task of supplying the correct voltage to the component chips by regulating or boosting the voltage levels to the component chips.

Some PMICs are configured once at the factory and an area efficient NVM OTP is the best choice. When a PMIC needs to be reconfigured multiple times during its lifetime, a multi-time programmable (MTP) NVM is used instead.

DesignWare® MTP NVM IP and DesignWare OTP NVM IP offer scalable and reliable embedded memory NVM solutions in standard CMOS and BCD processes without the need for additional process steps or masking. Patented technologies offer small silicon footprints and optimize programming and read access times. Security features built into the anti-fuse OTP protect against active and passive attacks, tampering, hacking, and reverse engineering. Synopsys’ IP NVM MTP and antifuse OTP has been adopted in a wide range of systems, including the most advanced PMICs in consumer and automotive applications.

The configuration flexibility of a PMIC allows the PMIC manufacturer to design a single-platform system-on-chip (SoC) that can be deployed in a variety of end-user applications.

This white paper explains how choosing the right NVM IP address can make the PMIC manufacturing process smoother, so you can deliver predictable chips for consumer, automotive, and industrial applications.

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Alan A. Seibert