BEST is planning a high-tech overhaul of its power system

Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) has decided to revamp its entire system and adopt advanced technologies including SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to better serve its electricity consumers. Under the new system, any power failure will be automatically communicated to the “control room” via an internal server. Consumers no longer need to complain, sources said.

All of BEST’s electricity consumers will be mapped on its Geographic Information System (GIS) network. Thus, in the event of a “fault” in the power supply of any building/outlet, it will be restored remotely from the control room, in a few minutes. “If all goes as planned, the implementation of the proposed new system will begin this fiscal year and be completed within four years in a phased manner,” a BEST official said. Currently, around 10.5 lakh Mumbaikars are powered by the BEST. On average, 100 to 125 power outages are reported daily and this number doubles during the monsoon.

Currently, during a power outage (due to a power failure), consumers in the affected building are required to alert the control room and are forced to wait for electrical service officials to arrive on site and repair the failure. Sometimes it takes hours, but with the new system these issues can be resolved remotely in five minutes from the control room.

“The SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) architecture will continuously check for faults and their location using wireless fault detectors deployed at various power stations,” a BEST official said, adding that once the new functional system, the connections of all BEST consumers will be integrated and in the event of a power failure in, for example, building “X”, the consumer control room will be alerted by the system. The new system will also offer an option for temporarily restoring the power supply to the affected building/consumer. Thus, the power supply to building ‘X’ will be immediately restored temporarily and remotely, from the control room. In the meantime, the system will also alert the relevant service of the repair of said fault. Once the fault has been repaired, the system will again alert the control room for the restoration of the power supply to the building/consumer concerned, according to the initial schedule.

“The new system will improve power supply continuity by restoring services quickly after outages occur,” a senior BEST official said, adding that early recognition of outages will prevent equipment damage and continuous monitoring and control of the distribution network can be carried out. from remote locations.

“Apart from this, the new system will also reduce labor costs, eliminating manual operation of dispensing equipment and reducing outage time by monitoring the entire system and generating alarms, in order to solve problems quickly,” the BEST manager added. .

Asked about the cost of the project, a BEST official said it would be around Rs 3,400 crore, and would include replacing meters for all consumers and renewing around 1,000 km of a cable line aging in the city. Of its 11,000 km of cables in the city, about 10,000 km are in good condition, the official said.

“We want our customers to get the best services in line with global standards and we are working towards that,” said Lokesh Chandra, Managing Director of BEST.

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Alan A. Seibert