Best Black Friday PC power deals for 2021

While the bulk of attention in PC gaming hardware is typically CPUs and GPUs, having a good power supply shouldn’t be underestimated. Giving your components good clean energy is essential to ensure proper functioning and extended life. Whether you’re trying to replace a dead or aging power supply, upgrade the power supply, build a new PC, or just improve cable management, there are some great deals this Black Friday for power supplies. quality.

We’ve done the heavy lifting and explored countless options to show you some of the best deals. Along with the list we’ve put together, we’ll also help you determine which power supply to choose for your PC and explain why these are the best power supplies to consider.

Note, our list of Black Friday deals consists entirely of ATX-sized PC power supplies, as this is the most popular and compatible standard. These power supplies were also chosen because of the build quality, common system power requirements, length of warranty, low operating noise, modularity, efficiency, and of course, price. . You’ll also notice that all of these adhere to the 80+ gold rating or better, and we recommend modular power supplies just for less cable clutter because you can just wire what you need.

How to calculate the horsepower you need

When it comes to determining which wattage rating you should choose, there are many tools you can use. We love Outer Vision calculators, be quiet! and Newegg, but there are many other options as well.

Just enter all the power consumption specifications for the components that will be in your PC and these calculators will spit out a number for your estimated power consumption. If you don’t know how to find some of the specifications, visit the manufacturers’ websites and check the technical specifications of your components. Some calculators will also automatically fill in the data for you, but it’s always best to verify that the autofill numbers are correct.

Most calculators will also tell you how much safety you should expect, but you typically want around 20% more capacity for better overall power consumption efficiency. Using the extra horsepower margin will also give you peace of mind if you are not completely confident in your calculations. The important thing not To do is try to push your power supply to its limits because you risk damaging your PC or worse.

Best Black Friday PC Power Deals

Here are the best deals we found and some of the main features of each product.

Be quiet! Straight Power 11 650W Platinum 80+ (modular)

Find it at Newegg for $ 74.90

This power supply is perfect for powering low to mid-range systems and even has a higher Platinum Efficiency Rating. Normally, these ratings cause big price increases, which makes this offer a real bargain. We can personally recommend this power supply, as it is currently running on one of our gaming PCs and is completely silent. One limitation we noted is that the cables are a bit shorter than we would like, but everything is still long enough to accommodate our Corsair 5000x full tower build. The warranty is good for five years.

Evga Psu

EVGA SuperNova 850GT 850W Gold 80+ (modular)

Find it at Newegg for $ 109.99 (only $ 89.99 after the discount offer)

This is another diet we’ve been using recently, and it’s one of our favorites. It’s quiet and the cables are attractive and the perfect length for routing to improve cable management. With 850W to work, you can plug in a power-hungry GPU and CPU without worry. This power supply comes with a seven year warranty from EVGA.

Msi Power 750w

MSI MPG A750GF 750W Gold 80+ (modular)

Find it at Best Buy for $ 89.99

MSI offers an incredibly diverse product line, including power supplies. This 750W unit offers enough power to handle most setups and is a solid choice to power hardware for years to come. MSI offers an impressive 10 year warranty, so you know it’s built to last.

Corsair Psu Black Friday Sale Best

Corsair RM650x 2018 650W Gold 80+ (modular)

Find it at Newegg for $ 79.99 with promo code applied (only $ 64.99 after the discount offer)

Corsair offers an exceptional number of power variants. Look no further than this if you just want to fuel a midrange build. The best part about this Black Friday deal is that anyone who isn’t sure whether or not they need modular power can still afford it. There is also peace of mind knowing that it comes with a 10 year warranty which adds to the already incredible value.

Cheap Evga Power Sale Offer

EVGA W1 Series 600W 80+ (non-modular)

Find it at Best Buy for $ 39.99

If you are planning to build a low end or low end budget system, this might be the power supply you are looking for. There is nothing fancy. You will have to deal with additional built-in cables and lower efficiency. But it will do the job and save you some extra money to spend on the rest of your system, like those expensive graphics cards.

Seasonal Food Black Friday Psu Best Selling Deals

Seasonal Focus PX850 850W Platinum 80+ (modular)

Find it at Best Buy for $ 130

Some people just want the best, and Seasonic arguably holds that crown right now. If you’re going for a new high-performance PC, you just shouldn’t skimp on your power supply. Graphics cards and other components like memory use more power with each generation, which means you might want to look a bit ahead of the future with an 850W power supply like this. You can expect premium quality from Seasonic and get the Platinum Efficiency Rating for just a little extra cash with this offer. The 10 year warranty means this power supply will allow you to run multiple versions and save money on efficiency over those years.

Now you’re armed with a list of some of the best PC power supplies to consider buying amid your Black Friday shopping spree. And while we say Black Friday, those deals are already in effect and should linger until Cyber ​​Monday if you’re still trying to locate a particular processor or GPU to pair with your new PC power supply. Be sure to check back with us for more information on the Black Friday deals this week.

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Alan A. Seibert