Bescom’s Promise: Reliable Power Supply in Outer Areas of Bangalore

Outlying areas of the city can finally expect a reliable power supply as Bescom plans to implement the Distribution Automation System (DAS) there soon.

Sources at Bescom said the electricity distribution agency was in the final stages of awarding tenders and work would start within the next two months.

“Without DAS, our linemen have to physically inspect an entire section of the network to identify where there is a fault and then fix it. The DAS allows us to remotely monitor the system and identify the faulty segment or location,” a senior Bescom official explained.

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The DAS includes a communications node that helps monitor power and voltage fluctuations as well as an auto-recloser node that helps monitor the power supply from the central control room.

The investigation and detection of faults, which previously took almost an hour, will be reduced to 5 to 15 minutes once the system is in place. The system will help us identify the particular segment where the problem occurred.

Usually, a segment consists of only 50 houses and therefore power to other houses can be restored immediately, officials said.

While welcoming Bescom’s decision, residents of Mahadevapura and surrounding outlying areas felt that Bescom could improve communication on

“Whenever there is an outage, we don’t know when the power will be restored. Although the project benefits us, in the meantime, we hope that Bescom will at least communicate the execution time and reduce the number
blackouts,” said Mahadevapura resident Sushmitha B.

Although Bescom started implementing DAS in central areas of Bangalore in 2007-08, it was only completed in 2018-19. But the 110 villages on the outskirts of the city were only added to the BBMP boundaries in 2008, so the project was not extended to those areas at the time.

The proposal to extend it to outdoor areas was approved in this year’s budget and would cost Rs 380 crore. The project should be completed in three years.

What is SAR and what is it used for?

The DAS, or Distribution Automation System, helps identify and locate the exact location where the system has been exposed or has become faulty.

1) It reduces downtime for power restoration.

2) Allows remote monitoring, supervisory control and operation of the 11kV network.

3) Better network management.

4) Improves the efficiency of distribution network operation, resulting in lower costs.

Alan A. Seibert