Be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM 850W Power Supply Review

Any product with the be quiet! name comes with an exceptionally strong reputation for performance and reliability. And when it comes to power supplies, that’s exactly what consumers should be looking for. Well, they should also be looking for great features and, where possible, high levels of energy efficiency, but you get the idea! – So with the release of their new Pure Power 11 FM range, this certainly seems to tick all the right boxes that the savvy PSU customer should have!

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Be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM 850W power supply

Available in powers ranging from 650 to 1000 watts, the new Pure Power 11 FM range effectively represents the new entry-level power supply standard from be quiet. And believe me when I say that in generic global comparative market terms, shut up! clearly sets a very high standard for this mission!

Offering a fully modular cable design, near-silent operation, and an 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, the Pure Power 11 FM Series offers all the key features people want to see in a high-quality power supply design. – So with that in mind, we were more than a little curious to see how well this 850W model would perform!

Be quiet!  pure power 11 FM

What is it to be silent! Have to say?

“Pure Power stands for unmatched reliability and cutting-edge features at a competitive price. Pure Power 11 FM is the latest addition to this series: ‘FM’ stands for ‘fully modular’ meaning that all cables that are not used for nothing in the system are left out.This results in smoother airflow, lower temperatures and easier handling inside the case.

Pure Power 11 FM is 80 PLUS® Gold certified with an efficiency rating of up to 93.9%, a truly exceptional level for this class of power supply. The most convincing advantages of this high efficiency are the lower energy consumption and therefore lower costs and cooler, quieter operation. Unlike other Pure Power 11 models featuring Active Clamp, Synchronous Rectifier (SR) and DC-toDC technology, the Pure Power 11 FM series is equipped with LLC + SR + DC/DC technology for voltage stability and regulation advances. Cooling is obtained thanks to a 120 mm be quiet optimized for silence! fan with blades optimized for airflow. This allows for premium silent functionality and the
extraordinarily quiet operation that is silent! is famous for.”


  • 80PLUS Gold Certified
    • Pure Power 11 FM delivers up to 93.9% power conversion efficiency.
  • High quality modular cables
    • The Pure Power 11 FM is equipped with black flat cables, except for the black sleeved 20+4 pin cable.
  • continuous power
    • A multi-rail configuration with two 12V rails provides rock-solid voltage stability for powerful systems. Pure Power 11 FM can deliver up to 100% of its power on its 12V rails
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
    • Careful adjustments and a 120 mm optimized for silence be quiet! fan ensures low operating noise
  • Advanced stability and voltage regulation
    • LLC+SR power conversion, together with DC to DC conversion for 3.3V and 5V rails, ensures stable voltage output and high efficiency.
  • Full GPU compatibility
    • With up to six PCI-Express slots, Pure Power 11 FM is suitable for systems with a high-end graphics card
  • Full suite of superior security features
    • Pure Power 11 FM incorporates all relevant modern protection circuits including UVP, OVP, SCP, OPP, OCP and OTP.
  • Extended compatibility
    • Pure Power 11 FM complies with the latest power saving specifications including Intel C6/C7, ErP/EuP and Energy Star 8.0.
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty
    • The conception, design and quality control of the product are all carried out in Germany
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For more detailed specifications, please visit the official be quiet! website via the link here!.

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Calm ! Pure Power 11 FM 850W has enough cables to successfully connect the vast majority of even the most elaborate gaming PC setups. Also fully modular in design, this helps with easy cable management, you only need to install the specific cables your components require!

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Alan A. Seibert