Be quiet! Dark Power 12 review: The power supply everyone will want

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A good power supply is a crucial part of building a new PC, just as much as getting the best graphics card. If you can’t, you might as well give up before you start. Not all power supplies are created equal either, but luckily there’s an easy-to-understand metal-based scale to help you understand how good yours is.

Did you know he went all the way to titanium? Maybe not, you don’t see many 80 Plus Titanium power supplies around.

That’s what you get with the be quiet! Dark Power 12. If there ever was an ultimate power supply, this is as close as you can get. It’s not cheap, but for serious PC building you need a serious power supply like this.

Dark Power 12

Be quiet! Dark Power 12

At the end of the line : Expensive, but the standard for high-end power supplies and a perfect choice for a high-end gaming rig.


  • Elegant design
  • Massive capacity
  • Efficiency 80 Plus Titanium
  • Several 12V rails
  • Calm
  • High quality components

Be quiet! Dark Power 12: Price and availability

Calm ! Dark Power 12 is available now for $200 for the 750W model reviewed here by be quiet! authorized retailers such as Amazon and Newegg. Other capacities are also available, including 850W and 1000W options for additional premiums.

Be quiet! Dark Power 12: What you will like

Dark Power 12Source: Windows Central

Much of what makes up the Dark Power 12 is also found on the gargantuan Dark Power 12 Pro we previously reviewed. It’s not exactly the same, with four 12V rails versus six on the Pro, but otherwise it’s a very similar power supply.

And that’s good news.

  • Capacity: 750W, 850W, 1000W
  • Type: Modular
  • Fan: Silent Wings Frameless Fan, Smooth Rolling
  • Efficiency rate: Titanium 80 Plus
  • Rail 4x12V
  • Maker: Be quiet!

The main selling point here is the 80 Plus Titanium efficiency rating. If you don’t fully understand what the rating system means, the table below can help you. But what you need to know is that there is no higher rating. This is the most efficient power supply you can get. Why is this important? Because it means less wasted energy as the power supply converts AC power from your wall outlet to DC power for your PC.

Load 80 Plus Bronze Silver 80 Plus 80 Plus Gold 80 Plus Platinum Titanium 80 Plus
20% 85% 87% 90% 92% 94%
50% 88% 90% 92% 94% 96%
100% 85% 87% 89% 90% 94%

Like the Dark Power 12 Pro, the actual numbers are fair for the Titanium rating, between 95% and 96%.

So it’s effective, which is important. It’s also incredibly quiet. The clue is in the company name, really. If you’re not familiar with be quiet!, it’s a brand that prides itself on being quiet. A little noise is simply not enough. The Dark Power 12 uses the company’s patented Silent Wings frameless fan. Not only is it quiet, but its design channels masses of air so everything stays nice and cool. Part of the trick to reducing sound is smooth rolling, another being mounted on a tripod instead of inside a frame. As far as the fans are concerned, it’s pretty crazy.

Dark Power 12Source: Windows Central

It is therefore silent and efficient. But why else would you want one? If you love overclocking, shut up! is there for you. In the box with the Dark Pro 12 is the company’s overclocking key. Mounted on a metal plate that can take up one of the empty PCIe slots on the back of your case, it connects to a dedicated port on the power supply and, with a flick of the switch, can switch between four 12V rails to a massive 12V rail. . If you’re into that sort of thing.

Being fully modular, the Dark Power 12 comes with a box full of cables. They’re nothing particularly fancy, but they’re good quality with durable coatings. I particularly like the clear labeling of what each cable is for, as it’s less of a hassle to rummage through a box of stringy black things. All I know of cables from my own PC is that they are made by EVGA.

There’s not much else to say about the Dark Power 12. It’s not as fancy as the Dark Power 12 Pro, but it’s not as expensive either and it’s a better choice for the enthusiast PC builder who doesn’t really need to get into that super-enthusiastic space. If 750W isn’t enough, there are two more that might suffice, at 850W and 1000W.

Be quiet! Dark Power 12: What you won’t like

Dark Power 12Source: Windows Central

The only thing not to like about the Dark Power 12 is the price. That’s it. And maybe if you’re trying to build a smaller, lighter build, this isn’t for you either. It’s a bit of a big chunk.

And if I am really difficult, I wish the power connector on the motherboard didn’t require two connections on the power supply. It’s already the bulkiest cable in a build and even with plenty of room to work with, it’s an extra thing to plug in.

But mostly it’s the price. It’s worth it if you want the best, but it’s probably overkill for most, even if you need a 750W power supply for your system.

Be quiet! Dark Power 12: Should I buy it?

Dark Power 12Source: Windows Central

You should buy it if…

  • You want the best nutrition possible
  • You are building a high-end PC
  • You love overclocking

You shouldn’t buy it if…

  • You have a budget
  • You’re not building with the most powerful CPUs or GPUs

It’s not exactly a smaller version of the Dark Power 12 Pro, but it’s close. You still get the same high-end design, superb and quiet fan, fully modular design, Titanium rating and built-in overclocking control. It’s a bit cheaper, and for most people looking to get the most premium power supply possible, this is the one to get.

out of 5

But it is expensive, there is no way to do without it. Likewise, you can’t really put a price on a good power supply, because without it there’s no point in building a PC. What you get here is quality, reliability, power and silence. All the characteristics of an excellent power supply.

Dark Power 12

Be quiet! Dark Power 12

At the end of the line : A sublime power supply with a price to match its highest rating. A perfect alternative for most to the Dark Power 12 Pro.

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