AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum Digital Power Supply Overview

Introduction, Specifications and Price

Mid-July last year, GIGABYTE announced a new flavor to its line of power supplies with the AORUS P1200W. This power supply, aimed at enthusiasts and gamers, sought to add another layer of customization to your build, its main feature being the “digital LCD monitor”. Now, we’re no strangers to PSUs having additional screens.

Our test system has been using ROG’s Thor for a year, but AORUS designed their unit differently, allowing consumers to display text and GIFs, images, and even MP4 videos. By default, the P1200W offers users several presets to monitor machine health, but before we get into our first impressions of this device, let’s take a look at the hardware specs.


For starters, this unit is a 12v single-rail design, which means consumers don’t have to worry about cables going to their high-current devices like graphics cards. Output capacity is 1200w with 50-60hz input frequency suitable for anywhere in the world. It also supports 100-240VAC, again ready for anywhere.

This unit uses Active PFC (power factor correction) and complies with the Intel ATX specification v2.31. The 140mm cooling fan maintains optimal operation while being silent. A bonus feature allows the fan to spin backwards to blow out any dust that has accumulated in the device. It is an 80Plus Platinum rated unit with a peak efficiency of 92% at 50% load at 120VAC or 94% efficient for those using 240VAC. This unit comes with a host of power protections, and the list can be seen in the image above.


The AORUS P1200W carries an MSRP of $309.99 backed by a 10-year warranty.

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Packaging, accessories and overview

Packaging and accessories

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum Digital Power Supply Overview 05 |

The packaging gives us the familiar AORUS logo at the top. We also have the 80Plus badge and model identification for the unit.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum Digital Power Supply Overview 06 |

On the back, AORUS highlights the LCD monitor as the main feature of this device while also calling out the included cables and specs on the right.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 07 Digital Power Supply Overview |

We received our unit for a quick handover last week. We first noticed how small the unit is, given its 1200W power rating. Unpacking, we have the power supply on the left and the cables included in a separate bag.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 08 Digital Power Supply Overview |

The LCD monitor takes up most of the space on the side of the power supply.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 09 Digital Power Supply Overview |

The back of the PSU is honeycombed to allow airflow to the back of your chassis. The power input is the standard three-pin with a power switch on the left.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 10 Digital Power Supply Overview |

This unit is completely modular but is broken down into sections arranged on the unit itself. We have an 18+10 pin connector for the 24 pin motherboard connection and two 8 pin connections for the CPU power supply. PCIe is broken down into six 8-pin connections and peripheral connections, again having six 6-pin connectors. On the left we have a USB connection that allows control of the power supply in Windows.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 11 Digital Power Supply Overview |

The first set of cables are the 24 pins on the far right, followed by the two 8-pin CPU power connections, and finally the PCIe cables – there are six of them.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 12 Digital Power Supply Overview |

Peripheral cables include four SATA cables and two Molex cables.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 13 Digital Power Supply Overview |

Above, the unit has started.


AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 20 Digital Power Supply Overview |

The software of this device is AORUS Engine. After a quick setup process, you land here on a dashboard interface that shows current watt usage and a breakdown by rail. Down below, you can monitor the temperature of the PSU as well as its fan speed and current power at the time.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 21 Digital Power Supply Overview |

Pressing the LED button, located at the bottom right on the software dashboard, takes us to control the RGB PSU, a thin line below the LCD monitor and the side-mounted AORUS logo. There are a bunch of preset profiles located on the right side and the option to use any color you want with the wheel on the far right. Moreover, if you are using an AORUS motherboard, you can also sync everything here.

AORUS AP1200PM 80 PLUS Platinum 22 Digital Power Supply Overview |

In the last menu, pressing the “Show display settings” button will take us to the control of the LCD screen. This menu is customizable via the drop-down list above. It will include two enthusiast profiles as well as four customizable modes that will allow you to display images, GIFs and MP4 videos if you wish.

Additionally, you can choose to turn off the LCD screen.

First impressions

We’ve only had this device for a little over a week, but we’ve tested several motherboards, including the AORUS Xtreme Waterforce, for an upcoming review. Coming from our Thor PSU, the biggest takeaways for us, at least initially, are the PSU’s smaller footprint and the ability to customize the LCD screen. We also appreciated the ribbon cables included with this unit, allowing for easier cable management within our test system’s chassis.

Between the PSUs, I didn’t notice any lack of power when testing motherboards on the AORUS against Thor, something we’ve noticed over the past few years when using smaller 850W units The AORUS P1200W is simple to manage with AORUS Engine software, with just three screens that control everything from customizing LCD and RGB functionality. It seems to be very promising for gamers and enthusiasts.

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