Amonkar files lawsuit against IOAGPL for damaging power supply

June 02, 2022 | 06:28 IST

Amonkar files lawsuit against IOAGPL for damaging power supply

Team Herald

VASCO: Mormugao MLA Sankalp Amonkar on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Indian Oil Adani Gas Pvt Ltd (IOAGPL) for damaging power cables, water supply pipes and damaging roads causing immense hardship to citizens of the port city.

After filing his complaint, Amonkar said the company’s failure to take every precaution caused power outages for nearly 22 hours and restricted people’s water supplies for two days. The FL Gomes, Vasco road also gave way due to contractor negligence.

Amonkar said that the IOAGPL was a ghost that operated late at night and that no one could trace its leaders to this day, despite several inconveniences for citizens and losses for the public treasury. He further stated that he would keep his volunteers at night to stop the excavation work at night if the police did not take action against them.

“IOAGPL is yet another company related to Adani group and this company is a curse to the Mormugao taluka. “other side. This ghost that haunts our taluka usually operates at night and causes trouble and till date no one has been able to subdue this ghost and stop it from haunting our taluka,” a- he declared.

Amonkar alleged that the company did not have a valid permit for the excavation/digging as it expired on May 15 and asked the police to register a case and arrest the contractor and those responsible for the company and make public credentials and certification/authorization and approvals.

Amonkar also asked Vasco MLA Krishna ‘Daji’ Salkar to file a police complaint against IOAGPL officials. The Department of Electricity had filed a complaint with the police against the IOAGPL for damaging underground cables but to no avail.

Alan A. Seibert